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  • Gujarat is a leading state of India in terms of education, innovation, and economic growth. This has happened as a result of implementing successful models for socio-economic growth which have consistently set new benchmarks in the fields of governance, investment promotion, and infrastructure development among many others.
  • The growth model followed by Gujarat has exhibited excellence in innovation and has shown immense potential for inclusive growth and development for the coming years. Like Vibrant Gujarat, which was aimed at attracting and inviting global conglomerates to come to India and invest in Gujarat. The success of this model is evident from the influx of major automakers who have set up operations in the state as well as many other industries that are in the process of doing the same. This has displayed a healthy trajectory of establishing industrial supremacy which is only set to grow in the coming years. Even historically, the state of Gujarat is well regarded as the home for many successful entrepreneurs who found their start-ups in the state.
  • Gujarat being home to some of the oldest universities of the country has always maintained a dedicated focus towards education whilst also establishing itself as an industry-oriented state.
  • Gujarat University established in 1949, is the oldest and biggest university, has a distinguished legacy that spans nearly 7 decades. Many eminent personalities like the current Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi; Dr. Vikram Sarabhai; and Dr. Ravindra Dave (Former Chairman, UNESCO) have been students of this renowned university.
  • One of the world's most reputed institutions for management education- IIM-A, located in the world heritage city of Ahmedabad, has been the second home to many intellectual personalities. It has consistently produced individuals that have risen to be the top officials in Fortune 500 companies, established successful businesses through innovative models, and changed the world in their unique ways. Some of IIM-A's eminent alumni include Mr. K.V. Kamath (President, New Development Bank of BRICS countries), Mr. Raghuram Rajan (Economist), Mr. Deep Kalra (Founder MakeMyTrip), and Ms. Mallika Sarabhai (famous Indian classical dancer and Padma Bhushan award recipient) to name a few.
  • For Study In Gujarat (SIG) program twenty-two best universities either in terms of academic performance, research, or placements have been selected as partners. These universities are closely related to industries which makes them truly professional, industry-oriented, and research-focused. These universities offer programs at the levels of Diploma, Under Graduate, Post Graduate, and Doctorate. Thus, providing a plethora of options to students to pursue their interests. The state also has three Institutes of National Importance, selected by the Ministry of Human Resource Development for their consistent delivery of quality education. Moreover, some premier autonomous Institutes have been given control to evaluate their degrees.
  • The industrial expansion brought about in Gujarat necessitates the need for proficient and skilled manpower at all levels of employment. This need integrates with the world-class reservoir of knowledge created by the various academic institutions and bodies creating a balanced and comprehensive environment for learning.
  • Now under the aegis of “Study In Gujarat”, the state invites National and International students to study and grow in Gujarat!



  • Education Department, Government of Gujarat has initiated the „Study in Gujarat‟ initiative for providing an opportunity to the universities and colleges of Gujarat to showcase Gujarat as an education hub of India and also invite students from abroad and other states of India to pursue higher education in the state. 
  • The universities have shown their pro-activeness in their participation and implementation plan as it gave them a platform to project their USP vis-à-vis higher education institutions of other states/countries. 
  • As planned, it was expected to invite at least 5,000 foreign nationals under the campaign in the year 2020 and by the year 2022, it shall reach up to 10,000. 



  • In the year 2019- 20 total number of students enrolled in Gujarat was 1,196. 
  • Whereas against the planned outcome we have managed to get 2,427 foreign nationals admitted for the year 2020. It is notable achievement that even during the adverse time of pandemic the Department with the support of HEIs of Gujarat has managed to achieve approx. 50% of its target.
  • During the year 2021-22 total 8,916 students are registered. Out of which the admission process of a total of 3,111 students has been completed. Due to the current situation of Covid-19, the admission process in the universities is going on, about 1,500 foreign students will get admission.

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