‘Saptadhara’ provides a cultural platform to students of higher education, where they feel the bliss of creativity.


The colleges and universities across Gujarat will have to focus on various areas of education, art and knowledge for the manifold progress of the youth. These areas of focus are known as Band/Cluster/Spectrum/Continuum/Symphony of Activities (Dharas):

  • Gyan Dhara (Knowledge Band)
  • Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara (Creative Expression Band)
  • Rang, Kala ane Kaushalya Dhara (Fine Arts Band)
  • Naatya Dhara (Theatre Band)
  • Geet Sangeeta ane Nrutya Dhara (Music and Dance Band)
  • Yog Vyayam ane Khelkud Dhara (Yoga and Sports Band)
  • Samudayik Seva Dhara (Community/Social Service Band)

Activities held in all the colleges under Saptdhara.

  • Under Saptdhara initiative different activities are conducted such as essay competition, writing competition, Elocution competition, Creative activities and workshops etc. The implemented for the overall development of students.
  • These activities include district-wise colleges, number of students and activities of the participants, as shown in the table below.

Activities in Gujarat State:

Sr.No Act Under Saptdhara Total No. of Colleges No of Students participate Activities
(1) Git Sangit Nruty Dhara 153 5023 792
(2) Naty Dhara 153 4469 648
(3) Rang Kala Kaushaly Dhara 153 4469 648
(4) Sarjnatmk Abhivyakti Dhara 153 3348 761
(5) Gyan Dhara 153 13856 1012
(6) Khelkud, Vyayam Yog Dhara 153 15184 2308
(7) Samudayik Seva Dhara 153 17730 2862
TOTAL 1071 64079  9031
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