Global Career and Admission Counseling Centre / Council of Industry Academia Collaboration


  • Global Career and Admission Counseling Centre a comprehensive, development Program designed to assist individuals, in marketing and implementing informed Education and occupational choices.
  • Career guidance and Counseling can play an important role in supporting the Transition from school to career or tertiary education, Vocational Guidance And Counseling is seen as an effective bridge between school and work, and Home and society.
  • It is a program which helps develop an individual's competencies in self-knowledge, Educational and occupational exploration and career planning.

Why We Need GCACC Centre?

  • As colleges and Universities offer numerous career oriented courses for a Students, it is very difficult to make a choice. Most of the students choose a Career from another student’s preferences or prevailing trend of the time.
  • The students are mostly influenced by advertisements in the media by various Institutes or accept the career chosen by their parents.
  • For a student choosing a career path that is far from one’s interest and ability can cause dissatisfaction in the long run. So it is important that the students take guidance for choosing a career path for a long term perspective.
  • It will help the students, to explore self, to career of his interest, planning and preparation of career and get the best career opportunity available.


  • We are going to organize Workshops/Seminars every year.
  • We have planned to cover all fields/courses for Individual & Group Counseling.
  • Our objective to provide career guidance and admission counseling as well employment opportunities Information to all the students of colleges and schools of Gujarat.
  • We are also aimed to provide career guidance and employment opportunities to students who are migrant background.
  • Aimed to promote employment opportunities and career advancement for persons with disabilities in the labor market.
  • To discover and Provide information of all competitive and entrance examination and its further procedure.
  • To minimise the mismatching between education and employment and help in the efficient use of manpower by minimising drop-out ratio.

Council of Industry Academia Collaboration


Education Department, Government of Gujarat has established Council of Industry Academia Collaboration with an aim to fulfil the requirement of skilled manpower to Industry, to establish linkage between educational institutions and Industries, and to conduct collaboration with the focus of future quality development in education and industries.


  • To develop the student skills, knowledge and growth for the industry.
  • To develop better research infrastructure base by creating long term partnership among industry, academia and government.


  • Creating a collaborative environment between industry and academia as well as to improve the entrepreneurial, employability skills and opportunities of students in all stages of higher education to expand the innovation capacity of our nation’s competitive workforce through partnership between industry and academia.


  • To identify the various avenues through which Universities, Institutes, Students may interact with industries, local firms, businesses and other intermediaries.
  • Encourage, enhance, and create avenues and environment for greater involvement of faculty and students with industry.
  • To promote Student Startup & Innovation Policy for the betterment of the student. Develop specialized continuing education programmes for updating skills and knowledge.


  • Internship Development Project
  • Student Placement:
  • Capacity development and Exchange
  • Curriculum Development
  • Corporate Challenges programme for Start-up, Innovation & Research:
  • Mentorship and Guest Lecture Series

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