• With an intention to provide an opportunity by encouraging talented academicians and scholars by way of open access system through internet and disseminate ideas and knowledge all over the world, KCG E-journal was started in the year of 2011-12 & introduced in six national level disciplines on following website:
    • Journal of Humanity: ISSN: 2279-0233
    • Journal of Commerce and Management: ISSN:2279-025X
    • Journal of Science: ISSN:2320-0006
    • Journal of Education: ISSN:2320-0014
    • Journal of Social Sciences: ISSN:2279-0241
    • Journal of Multi-Disciplinary: ISSN:2279-0268
  • Publication of KCG E-Journals is based on the online portal of KCG. Research papers are invited by email from the faculties of different disciplines and shortlisted papers are published. KCG E-journal Website has till date uploaded more than 1150 papers for diverse disciplines.


  • The main objective of the initiative is to cope up with new technology and trends in the field of Research by utilizing the platform of Internet
  • To stand at par with Global Research Scenario
  • To develop intellectual ability of faculties and to sharpen their creativity in thinking and writing
  • To encourage faculties to conduct research in their respective disciplines
  • To invoke curiosity and interests among faculties
  • To make research papers qualitative and knowledgeable


We invite papers by e-mail from all the faculties of universities and colleges in Gujarat. Then after research papers enter in the following stages:

  • Invite Papers:-
    Research papers are invited by email from the faculties of different disciplines.
  • Plagiarism Test:-
    The received papers go through the Plagiarism test. The papers that score 70% or more on originality are only eligible for the next stage of review process. All other papers that are less than 70% originality are marked for update and send to authors for improvements.
  • Check by experts:-
    After Plagiarism process, papers are checked by experts of each discipline and marked for corrections & suggestions.
  • Sent Reviews & Suggestions to authors:-
    After reviewing papers from experts of each discipline, the papers are marked in different categories such as -Accept, -Reject, -Accept with minor changes, -Accept with major changes and review reports are then sent to authors.
  • Receive corrected copy from authors:-
    Corrected copies from the authors are received by mail & verified based on the step of sent reviews & suggestions
  • Coding & Designing
    Verified & corrected papers are converted for coding & designing.
  • Uploading on Server
    Converted papers are uploaded on the server for visibility on the website.
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