AISHE-All India Survey on Higher Education

Initiative of MHRD AISHE(All India Survey on Higher Education)Delhi-Launched during the year 2010-11.


  • Identify all the institutions of the Higher learning in the country.
  • Collect the data from all the Higher Education Institutions on various aspects of higher education.
  • Data is being uploaded in following Data Capture Format:
  • DCF- I form is for Universities
  • DCF- II form is for Colleges
  • DCF- III form is for Standalone Institutes
  • Information of infrastructure, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, students, results, financial statement etc is going to made available through this DCF form.

Points to Note:

  • Data Capture Format of AISHE is completely paper less.
  • It’s not necessary to send investigator to the institution to collect the data.
  • College Nodal Officers/principals are the investigators and they are responsible for filling up the DCF and uploading it on the AISHE portal.


  • Gujarat is the only state – captured and upload the data 100% .
  • Survey Year 2015-16 launched by Hon. MHRD Minister at the time, Respected Principal Secretary, GoG had delivered speech because of appreciated work & guide to other state for achievement with best practice of Gujarat. - The speech was webcast.
  • Collected data are natural resources, after processing it will convert into product (Report).
  • From the AISHE data we made geographical mapping and launched, we guided other states also for that. This work is appreciated by NIC & MHRD.
  • Resp. Principal Secretary, MHRD, GoI, – Appreciate our AISHE Team work.
  • At present we are providing Higher Education Data to CM Office for CM Dashboard.
  • AISHE Team – Gujarat State helps to Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha State, ( invited as a resource person for other states)
  • Resp. Deputy Director General, MHRD, GoI – Suggested the name of AISHE Team Gujarat for National Team.
  • AISHE Team is helpful for resolving the complex issues related to survey whenever needed.
  • Again Gujarat State has been uploaded 100% data for survey year 2016-17.
  • Dedicated AISHE Team is ready for fourth coming survey year 2017-18.
  • NIC-Gujarat use AISHE data code for developing Scholarship & Digital India Portal, after this achievement none of the student can apply more than one scholarship and volume of work will be reduced by 90%.

Grant Allocation:

  • Grant has been allocated to State Unit by MHRD, Delhi.
  • 50% of the Grant has been allocated and remaining 50% will be allocated after the submission of Utilization Certificate of the first installment.
  • State Unit has also followed the pattern of MHRD to disburse the Grant to Universities.


  • On uploading DCF, Remuneration to University Nodal Officers and College Nodal Officers have been provided by MHRD. Remuneration is directly credited to the bank account of the Nodal Officers.

Institutes Registered on AISHE Portal-Gujarat:

  • No. of Universities: 65
  • No. of Colleges: 2321
  • No. of Standalone Institutes: 340
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