• To realize the Prime Minister’s vision of creating a ‘New India’, bold reforms were needed in education sector. It is about being rational in acknowledging the realities and demands of the current context and then formulating progressive and transparent regulations that ensure autonomy to educational institutions to deliver the promise of transformative education.
  • The quality of education is one of the most significant characteristics defining the competitiveness of both universities and the national educational systems on the whole. Keeping in view the importance of quality enhancement in higher education, creating world class universities, improved ranking at National and International level and use of technology in education, the Government of Gujarat has through its GR dated 20th June, 2019 has constituted a committee of 5 members for the execution of 5 year Action Plan in the State Universities of Gujarat. The committee was appointed for their recommendations and suggestions on 5 years Action Plan as implemented in the state.
  • The launch of the Action Plan for Education with Strategy will bring substantial and significant progress towards achieving goals and objectives. It will also advance the interests and contribute to the educational effectiveness of the universities/colleges in Gujarat State. The objective of present 5 year action plan is to develop and assist the Higher Educational Institutions of Gujarat in improving efficiency of their operations, both administrative and academic. The present action plan will facilitate individuals and institutions through learning, to achieve their full potential and contribute to Gujarat and Nation at large in its social, economic and cultural development.
  • An excellent and innovative education and training system is pivotal to personal fulfilment, the building of a fair society and a successful nation. It is central to sustaining economic success and in converting economic success into building a strong nation.


  • The initiative has started at the state funded universities of Gujarat quality of improvisation of the higher education in the state, of ranking at National - International level and of practicing technology in Education.
  • The core purpose of this portal is to collect the data of 16 State universities which will provide future planning of next five years 2020-2021 to 2024-2025 on quarterly basis and will record all achievements of those universities.
  • There are 25 criteria where 16 state universities of Gujarat State will fill the information for betterment of future higher education.

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