Vanche Gujarat


To make reading good books a natural cultural practice in the State to make Gujarat a ‘well read’ society by creating the landscape and mindscape of the State thick with noble thoughts gleaned through reading.


  • To institutionalize reading habits in all citizens young and old, students and literate alike.
  • To make reading an integral part.
  • To ensure reading of good books, thought provoking books through a well defined mechanism so that it becomes a habit and a natural activity.


  • Gujarat is known as a State of entrepreneurs and businessmen. However it is not associated with good reading habits.In colloquial idiom the people of the State are known for their skills in keeping and maintaining their ‘chopda’(cash books) but not for reading ‘chopdi’.
  • However the known factor is that all leaders of the world have been great readers. Therefore, for Gujarat to attain and sustain its place of significance amongst leading known societies in the world it is necessary that it becomes a reading society. Vaanche Gujarat is aimed at making Gujarat a known society through reading.

Strategy and Methodology:

  • Reading is often associated with elite. However, Vaanche Gujarat is not confined to a limited class. It is expected to be a mass movement in which all people of society are expected to participate along with individual students. The whole family is expected to participate in it and those who unfortunately cannot read themselves will participate in it by listening to readings from books by others.
  • The movement is supposed to change certain existing social practices. For instance, the mantras of the movement like the ‘friend of a book is my friend’, ‘book not bouquet’ would redefine the definition of friendship.

For this, the following activities are planned which are :

  1. Vaanchan Shibir
  2. Granth Sarthi Shikshak
  3. Book Exhibition
  4. Essay Competition
  5. Elocution
  6. My Favourite Book (Maaru Gamtu Pustak)

Methodology and Plan of Action:

  • Organisation of Vaanche Gujarat Abhiyaan camps at Universities levels for Principals and District Coordintors.
  • Formation of District level Task Force having principals, teachers known for reading habits are representatives of University campus and a mentor from the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat.
  • Organisation of Vaanchan Shibir and training of volunteers for Vaanche Gujarat.
  • Monitoring and reviewing of progress at the district and the taluka level.
  • Participation of students and teachers in others like Pustak Sheri Vartalap and so on.

Possible Delineation of Tasks and Time Schedule:

  • Website Development – Done
  • Organisation of awareness camps for the movement.
  • Second round of awareness camps and training in all districts of the State beginning with the headquarter.
  • The KCG in charge for the initiative to be nominated and their visits for reviewing the progress.
  • Organisation of competitions and Shibirs schedule to be prepared in consultation with the Vaanche Gujarat committee.

Goals Possible:

  • 25 lac students will read about 1 crore books. For this, 15000 schools, 1000 colleges 50000 representatives and 10,000 people will support for the same.
  • Visit to 15000 libraries and 15000 inspirational programmes to be conducted.
  • Organisation of 2500 shibirs in which 250000 students will be participating and will be given training for this initiative.
  • My favourite book vartalap will be initiated at around 1000 places in the State.
  • Around 1 lac students from 1400 schools and 11000 colleges will be rewarded under this project.