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To facilitate the access and dissemination of information by integrating ICT into higher education and thus enable the community of teachers and students to equip themselves with the requisite digital literacy.

Objective :

  • To facilitate access to the students to the pool of information available on the internet.
  • To compliment the teaching-learning process in the classroom through ICT resources.
  • To equip the teachers and students with the digital literacy required to operate in a knowledge society.
  • To revamp the processes involved in examination, assessment and administration with the help of ICT.
  • To train teachers in the preparation of e-content. To impart training to the administration staff also so that administration can work smoothly and effectively with the help of ICT.

Rationale :

Technology has ushered in the information revolution in all aspects of human transactions. The internet has changed the way business is done, the speed at which new findings of any kind reach all parts of the world in no time, and most of all, the prospects of innovation and development it has thrown. In such a scenario, no domain is likely to remain unaffected by its enormous force. ICT is the new idiom of change in the way the world operates today. While the world is making giant strides into the future, education has no way out but to keep pace with it. How can education keep pace with a world which continues to accelerate its growth at unimaginable rapidity?

Education will need to make use of the ICT revolution and invest itself heavily into it by integrating it in all its core processes-teaching, learning, evaluation, research and administration. ICT in education is not a new trend to be followed but it is a way in which education is defined today and more importantly, preserving its relevance in the 21st century.

Current situation:

KCG has made concerted efforts to transform the State through the upgradation in terms of ICT resources. KCG has played a key role in the process through which colleges can acquire 1GBPS internet connection in the State. As per the scheme of the central government, the 75 % amount for the internet connection will be paid by the MHRD and the remaining 25 % to be paid by the state universities. Gujarat is the only state in the country to pay the 25 % of the amount which is supposed to be paid by the state universities.

KCG has conducted a series of workshops for creating awareness about NME-ICT and has covered the length and breadth of Gujarat for promoting the use of ICT in education. A State level NME-ICT Task Force has been formed with representation from different Universities. It has been termed as ‘GUJARAT SAKSHAT MISSION’. The Task force which includes tech-savvy faculties has also been involved in training Faculties for e content development.

These efforts have created enthusiasm among the lecturers across the State as it helps them reach out more easily to students. Proposals for e-content development have been submitted by lecturers from all the Universities across the State. This has enabled utilization of the opportunities provided by the Centre to get funding for several projects in different fields of knowledge and to simultaneously spread the use of ICT as a supporting tool in education.

KCG proposes to promote e-content development in Gujarati too under the project `Sakshat – thi – Shikshith’. Gujarat will be the first State in the country to promote e-content development in the regional language as a State level initiative.

KCG has also taken steps to set up Assessment Centres that can be used for conduct of On Demand Online Examinations as well as conduct of Online Courses .

Methodology and Plan of action:

  • Setting up of the NME-ICT Task Force for promotion of e content development .
  • Through Knowledge Management Programme for Faculties, spreading awareness and training in use of ICT for teaching-learning methodology.
  • Development of a higher education portal as a single point contact for all academic and administrative matters across the state.
  • KCG website developed and to be linked to the portal.
  • Networking of Libraries in the state.
  • Establishing Video-Conference facilities across colleges and linked to the KCG Office for greater networking, diessimation of information and efficiency in data transfer.
  • Establishing Assessment Centres for On demand Online Examinations.

Goals Possible

  1. Short term- 0 to 6 months:
    • Creating awareness among faculties and students of all the colleges and Universities in the State about NME – ICT.
    • Educating all the faculties about the open source softwares available in the market to develop e – content.
    • Mentoring all the faculties interested in uploading proposals and handholding wherever necessary.
    • Development of the KCG website
  2. Medium term -6 to 12 months
    • KCG proposal for Sakshat thi Shikshith
    • KCG proposal for Translation of the existing texts in the University Granth Nirman Board ( publishing house )
    • Setting up atleast two Assessment Centres in the State with around 100 Computers each on a pilot basis to start On demand Online Examinations.
    • Start Training on use of ICT in Teaching-learning across all faculties of the State
    • Train in the development of e content using open source software
    • Facilitate design and development of Online courses as a part of the CBCS to be introduced in 2011-2012
  3. Long term- one year to 5 years
    • Every student of the should be empowered to access e-content on any of subject, anytime with ease.
    • Ensuring the necessary infrastructural support needed to faculties for the same.
    • To render the teachers and students of the State ICT empowered and ICT enabled, taking higher education to newer heights and reaching globally acceptable standards.