Gujarat Quiz


To enhance the capability and intelligence of the youth of Gujarat for competitive exams by preparing incredible and fundamental question banks about facts and history of Gujarat and create healthy and worthy competition with active participation and involvement of Gujaratis in continuous knowledge flow of Gujarat.


  • Introduction of Swarnim Gujarat’s unique and prosperous heritage to the youth of Gujarat.
  • To extend the horizons of thinking of Gujaratis by creating awareness about the history, culture, literature, geography, industry and education of Gujarat.
  • To rejuvenate the pride and glory of Gujarat among next generation.


  • GQ Champ:
  • This competition is for students of school and colleges. It is divided into three tiers:

    • School Students of standard 5 to 8
    • School Students from standard 9 to 12
    • College Students from first year to last year
  • GQ Online Competition:
    • This competition is an Open Competition for all wherein, anyone from any part of the world can participate online.
    • A separate website shall be created for this purpose
    • Question bank shall be available online on this website
    • Any individual can participate in this competition through a login id
    • Every participant shall be provided GQ based on (i) the number of correct answers and (ii) the time taken for answering the questions
    • List of TOP TEN GQ Winners would be announced.

Strategy (Proposed):

  • Collection of questions from citizens.
  • Preparation of repository of possible number of questions.
  • Arrangement of competition based on the levels of questions.
  • Spread the knowledge about Gujarat in the state.

Methodology and plan of action:

Question Bank shall be prepared in two or three languages.

  • In the form of: Books, CD, DVD and Online.
  • To make question bank interesting- use of audio video and animation.
  • Public Invitation to all Gujaratis for preparing questions.
  • To design a website.
  • Online and off line generation of question bank.
  • Committee of Experts to examine and screen questions.
  • Distribution of questions into different levels of difficulties.
  • Uploading of approved questions on the website.
  • Preparation of questions pertaining to the world for School, Taluka and State level competition.
  • Revised Edition of Question Bank in the form of Book, CD, DVD containing approved questions from the total questions received.

Possible delineation of tasks and time schedule:*

  • Action Plan:
    • Communicating to the community/ prospective participants.
    • Community Motivation.
    • Designing, Maintenance and operationalizing the system.
  • Question Bank:
    • Collection and generation of questions.
    • Editing, approval and authentication of questions.
    • Printing of questions in the form of book/booklets in three languages.
    • Distribution of questions to the community.
    • Planning of the competition.
    • Communication campaign of the competition.
    • Conducting the Competition.
    • Sustaining the scheme and the project.

    (*Annexure 1 attached of detailed delineation of tasks and Time Schedule.)

Goals Possible:

  • Creation of an Environment.
  • Creation of Dreams.
  • Generation of Awareness
  • To know and to understand Gujarat by any one from other states or other countries
  • Updating Question Bank every year.
  • Young generation of the State shall become more powerful and more knowledgeable and shall know Gujarat more closely.
  • Award to Institution/Organization or student creating/generating highest number of approved questions- SWARNIM GUJARAT JIGNASU RATNA.

* Annexure I: Delineation of tasks and Time Schedule

Inauguration & Basic information

GQ Kit

GQ Entry Guidelines

  • Maximum 500 Questions (Child – Up to 300, Teenager- Up to 400, Youth – Up to 500).
  • Three Languages.
  • Estimated Amount - Rs. 5/- each copy.
  • Number of Copies – 5 Copies per class, 100 Copies per school

GQ Institute Guidelines

  • Estimated Amount - Rs. 5/- each copy.
  • Number of Copies – 3 to 5 per Institute.

Sample Questions:

  • Per Question – Rs. 0.50
  • Number of Copies per institute – 100

Second Stage

GQ “PrashnManjusha”

  • Maximum 1500 Questions.
  • Number of Copies – 3 to 6 per Institute.

GQ Ratnakar

  • Maximum 3000 to 3500 Questions.
  • Combined four languages.

GQ Ratnakar CD

Publicity – Advertising
  • Online Activity
  • On ground Activity
  • Electronic Media
  • Print Media
  • On ground Advertisement
  • Out of Box Ideas.

GQ Competition:


This competition will be organized in three different divisions at total four levels.

  • GQ ‘s three parts accordingly child (Standard 3 to 5), Teenagers (9 to 12) and Youth (College).
  • GQ First Round – School /Collage level.
  • GQ Second Round – Taluka(Cluster )Level.
  • GQ Third Round- District Level.
  • GQ Fourth & Final Round – State Level.
GQ Champ (First Round).
  • Selection Procedure of one boy student and one girl student from every collage.
  • Every School/College will organize Interclass quiz competition – Standard 5 to 8 and Standard 9 to 12.
  • Interclass quiz is necessary to be played after the completion of KhelMahakumbh during 6th Dec to 13 Dec.
  • To participate in GQ, every student will Refer to Swarnim Gujarat GQ Entry Guidelines Booklet or Online information of Swarnim Gujarat GQ Entry Guidelines.
  • For Format of Quiz, Quiz’s Questions, Evaluation Method & Selection procedure , a school/College can use the GQ guidelines related to GQ Planning , Implementation and selection of winner.
  • Every school / College should send the list of best students (1 boy 1 girl) of two different divisions to Commissionerate of Higher Education before December 15, 2010. Those schools that have primary & higher education divisions, they should send 4 students list including both divisions (2 boys – 2girls).
GQ Quiz (Second Round)
  • For the selection of 10 students(5 boys 5 girls) at Taluka(Cluster)Level , the competition will be organized during 26th December to 31st December 2010 among every schools/colleges which come under particular Taluka.
  • For the preparation of the competition , every participant will refer to Swarnim Gujarat Quiz PrashnaManjusha. Every division wise different PrashnaManjusha should be received from School/College . This PrashnaManjusha is also available online.
  • This competition will be organized online by special designed computer programmer at Taluka headquarter.
  • After the completion of competition, Department of Education will receive the list of best 10 students (5 boys 5 girls) from every Divisions of Taluka.
GQ Quiz (Third Round)
  • For the selection of 10 students(5 boys 5 girls) at District Level , the competition will be organized among every Taluka which come under particular District.
  • For the preparation of the competition , every participant will refer to Swarnim Gujarat Quiz PrashnaRatnakar. Every division wise different PrashnaRatnakar should be received from School/College . This PrashnaRatnakar is also available online.
  • This competition with global format will be organized like celebration in every district as public program during 1st to 15th February 2011.
  • Professional Quiz Master or the quiz masters from selected Gold Club Students would analyze the competition.
  • After the completion of competition, Department of Education will receive the list of best 2 students (1 boy 1 girl) from every District.
GQ Quiz (Fourth & Final Round)

In final, 52 students (26 boys 26 girls) will play healthy and tough competition to win the trophy of Gujarat Quiz Champ by giving correct answers to the questions related to Gujarat. The Date and Competition’s format with preparation guidelines will be informed at the end of month of January 2011.