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Welcome to The Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat..!

Among several initiatives taken by vibrant Gujarat, the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat established by the Department of Education, stands out prominently as a major response to the very theme of the current century, which is being rapidly characterized as a gateway to the future where the human world family will at last come to create the network of relationships through the harmonizing threads of knowledge. Knowledge has therefore become today the dynamic watchword, and major progressive steps of development are being measured in terms of advancing of knowledge and learning society. Indeed, the Department of Education, Government of Gujarat has manifested eloquently its commitment to the future by creating the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat.

  • Vision:

    To evolve a higher education system that is suitability blended with provision for knowledge values and skill practice where every student learns in without sacrificing his/her creativity

  • Vision:

    To acknowledge and celebrate intellectual excellence achieved by students in Higher Education in the State.