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Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat
Prajna Puram Campus, Opp. PRL, Between Govt. Girls Polytechnic and L.D College of Engineering,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat, India
Phone: +91 79 26302077
Fax No: +91 79 26302067
E-mail: osd.kcg@gmail.com



Shri K.B. Upadhyay (IAS),
CEO, (KCG) & Commissioner of Higher Education
Phone: (O) 079 26302067/77

Advisors - KCG

1. Prof. A. U. Patel Formar Vice Chancellor Gujarat University
2. Prof. Prashant Dave Retired Professor
3. Prof. M.M. Gandotra Retired Professor
Phone: (O) 079-26302067/77

Coordinator & Joint CEO

Shri Lalit T. Vyas,
Deputy Director,Commissionerate of Higher Education, Gandhinagar
Phone: (O)079-23253992 (M)7046344144
Email-id: che.deputydirector@gmail.com


Dr. P.R. Patel,
O.S.D.(Account & Admin),(Training & Capability Building),(Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban Yojna)
Phone: (O) 079-26302067/77
Email-id: osd.kcg@gmail.com

Dr. Yogesh Yadav,
O.S.D.(Extension (Saptadhara, Udisha, Central Placement Cell)), State Nodal Officer(RUSA)
Phone: (O) 079-26302067/77 (M) +91 9925047799
Email-id: ytyadav@yahoo.co.in

Prof. R.K. Shah,
O.S.D. (AISHE State Nodal Officer),(Gujarat Mapping)
Phone: (O) 079-26302067/77 (M) +91 7574827504
Email-id: director-kcg@gujarat.gov.in

Prof. Hashmukh J. Patel
Phone: (O) +91 7574827490 (M) +91 9725459993
Email-id: sandhan.highereducation@gmail.com

Head of Initiative

Santoshi Soni,
(M) +91 7043333188
Email-id: santoshisoni_iti@yahoo.in

Programme Officers

Apexa G. Shah,
(M) +91 9978440179
Email-id: apexa.kcg@gmail.com

Jaldhara B. Shukla,
(M)+91 9978440907
Email-id: jaldhara.kcg@gmail.com

Anmol D. Ravodara,
(M)+91 9978441561
Email-id: anmol.kcg@gmail.com

Sneha J. Pithadia,
(M)+91 9978440756
Email-id: snehapithadia.kcg@gmail.com

Project Executives

Nikita Charpot,
PE (Research & Innovation)
(M)+91 9978441552
Email-id: nikitacharpot.kcg@gmail.com

Ami Patel,
PE (E-Journal)
(M)+91 7043333167
Email-id: amikcg@gmail.com

Dhruvika D. Tavadia,
(M)+91 9978441539
Email-id: dhruvikatavadia.kcg@gmail.com

Ritu K. Patel,
(M)+91 9978441839
Email-id: ritu.kcg@gmail.com

Niral Panchal,
PE (Account and Admin)
(M)+91 7043333180
Email-id: niral.kcg@gmail.com

Khushali Joshi,
PE (Account and Admin)
(M)+91 7043333165
Email-id: joshikhushali.jj@gmail.com

Ashwin G. Chavda,
(M)+91 7046744144
Email-id: ashwingchavda@gmail.com

Nidhi Kothari,
(M)+91 7043333161
Email-id: kcg.nidhi@gmail.com

Bhumi Dave,
PE (Report)
(M)+91 7574827501
Email-id: bhumidave.kcg@gmail.com

Swati Makwana,
PE (Report)
(M)+91 9978441389
Email-id: swatimkcg@gmail.com

Vedanti Shah,
(M)+91 9978441943
Email-id: vedanti.kcg@gmail.com

Kinjal Shah,
PE (Account and Admin)
(M)+91 9978441843
Email-id: kinjal.kcg@gmail.com

Rimpal Makwana,
PE (Finishing Shool)
(M)+91 7574827494
Email-id: rimpal.kcg@gmail.com

Sapna H. Parmar,
PE (Extension)
(M)+91 7043333177
Email-id: sapnaparmar.kcg@gmail.com

Bhoomi M. Shah,
(M)+91 7043333172
Email-id: parekhbhoomi330@gmail.com

Dhara B. Vasani,
PE (Stores)
(M)+91 7043333168
Email-id: dharavasani27@gmail.com

Falguni Patel,
(M)+91 9978440879
Email-id: falgunipatel.kcg@gmail.com

Sneha Shah,
PE (HR and T&CB)
(M)+91 7043333174
Email-id: snehashahkcg@gmail.com

Switi Parmar,
PE (Finishing School)
(M)+91 9978440697
Email-id: switi.kcg@gmail.com

Priti Solanki,
PE (Extension)
(M)+91 7043333169
Email-id: priti.kcg@gmail.com

Payal Patel,
(M)+91 7043333175
Email-id: payalpatel.kcg@gmail.com

Ankit Chhatbar,
PE (AISHE and Mapping Gujarat)
(M)+91 7043333173
Email-id: ankitchattbar.kcg@gmail.com

Krunal Makwana,
PE (Education Department)
(M)+91 7043333164
Email-id: krunalmakwana001@gmail.com

IT Manager

Parth Anandpara,
IT Manager(CHE)
(M) +91 7043333182
Email-id: itatkcg@gmail.com