Individual Counseling

We invite career counselor and foreign consultant at KCG to provide career guidance and admission counseling personally. We are going to discover all courses related to different field for student.

  1. After 10th
  2. After 12th
  3. Law
  4. Engineering
  5. Business & Management
  6. Design
  7. Medicine & Health Science, Nursing
  8. IT & Software
  9. Humanities & Social Science, Arts(Fine/Visual/Performing)
  10. Architecture & Planning
  11. Accounting & Commerce, Banking, Finance & Insurance
  12. Science
  13. Mass Communication & Media, Animation
  14. Study Abroad Guidance

Group Counseling

Group counseling provides an opportunity for groups of individuals to meet and share common concerns, explore personal issues, and learn new skills. Group counselling provides students with assistance to improve skills in the areas of personal/social, academic and career development. Various sessions will be organized by the cell to help students gain understanding of the innumerable options available to them and to create awareness about self-employment and entrepreneurship options. It will include a variety of professional activities which will help people deal with career and education related challenges.The centre will provide information regarding several courses available in India and abroad. It will also enable prospective employers to identify potential Skills and Train the students to acquire skills Intone with industry requirements.

It will also include topics relevant to Civil Services, Defence, SPIPA, GPSC, Career in academia etc...

Study Abroad Program

Studying abroad can be helpful in so many ways for an individual. On the personal side, students are able to experience new cultures, religions and new ways of thinking thus enhancing their acceptance and tolerance of minorities and their outlook on life. On a professional level, it can enhance their career by exposing students to a variety of new perspectives, the latest technology or state of the art research and training.

We provide expert counseling for Study Abroad in the following areas.
  1. Admission
  2. • Overview of Universities in different countries and study opportunities they offer.
    • Detailed overview of courses in these Universities.
    • Choosing the right course and the right University based on their academic ability and financial capability.
    • Briefing on the latest immigration rules in these countries.

  3. Tuition and living expenses
  4. • Scholarships available
    • Facilities offered by the Universities