Our Vision

  • Provide impartial career education, information, advice and guidance for all students.
  • Hosting career events that allow students to apply practical knowledge of job search and career readiness to employer interactions as well as build awareness of employment options.
  • Develop desirable workplace readiness skills including professionalism, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, team work and task prioritization.
  • Develop student's employability skills and knowledge by providing proper guidance and train them to face interviews as well.


  • We are going to organize Individual and Group Counseling Sessions every year.
  • We have planned to cover all fields/courses for Individual & Group Counseling.
  • Our objective to provide career guidance and admission counseling as well employment opportunities to all the students of colleges and schools of Gujarat.
  • We are also aimed to provide career guidance and employment opportunities to students who are migrant background.
  • Aimed to promote employment opportunities and career advancement for persons with disabilities in the labour market.
  • To discover information of all competitive and entrance examination and its further procedure to perspective.
  • To minimise the mismatching between education and employment and help in the efficient use of manpower by minimising drop-out ratio.


  • For Students

    It help to Identify and accept their own strengths and Weaknesses, Develop skills in interacting and communicating with others. Fosters decision-making, problem-solving skills, a team building environment and facilitates cooperative interactions among peers. Thus embraces the uniqueness of each student.

  • For Parents/Guardians

    The counselor works with parents or guardian through individual consultation, and parent and guardians groups discussion, in this manner the counselor assists parents to: Understand their Childs progress in university. Select strategies to motivate their children. Develop realistic goals with their children. Become actively involved in their child’s academic life.

  • For Faculties

    Supports development of classroom management skills. Provides a system for co-facilitation of classroom skills. Supports the learning Environment. Promotes an Interdisciplinary team approach to address student needs and Educational goals.