Mentoring is a relationship in which the more experienced individual supports the development of a less experienced individual by being an advisor and guide.

Benefits of Mentoring

  1. Mentoring programmes are mutually beneficial and rewarding for the mentor and the mentee as well.
  2. Stand-in student’s potential in exploring career and business options, and help student to choose the best.
  3. During the course of mentoring, CIAC’s experienced and accomplished industry professionals, subject experts and industry leaders, will pass on their skills, knowledge and experience to student.
  4. Motivate student to look for opportunities that suit their unique skills and strengths.
  5. Guide students to choose their career, if student desire to be employed.
  6. If students aspire to be an entrepreneur, we guide them to find better ways to run their business.
  7. Students will get the necessary suggestions which are general as well as specific to student’s chosen area of work.