Internship will provide an opportunity to the students who want to gain the real experience of the world by working with an industry during the course of study. It can be a part time or full time. In majority cases, the internship is calculated as a part of educational Programme in which students get the academic credits.

Internships will help the students:

 To know and learn business etiquette and professional manners.
 To connect and make your own professional network
 To learn to apply the knowledge of their study to the real industrial world and in this way to build valuable experience
 To accumulate new skills and modern technology
 To provide an opportunity to work with the industry field you desire

How to get connected for Internship Programmes of CIAC:

Internship Registration for Industry:
Industry (Large and SMEs) can also register for inviting students applications for Internship Programmes. They are required to provide information like number and name of vacancies, education qualification required, duration and place of internship Programme, stipend if any provided to students, etc.

Internship Registration for Student:
Students can register for Internship Programme on online registration portal of CIAC. Students can fill up the details who are interested in Internship Projects. Students need to fill the data, e.g. basic details, educational qualifications, preferable duration of internship, interest and preference for industry type.

Internship Advertisement

Company list will be put up on website. Student can apply for internship Programme from here. Apply Here


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