Education Department, Government of Gujarat has established Council of Industry Academia Collaboration by Vide GR No. GHC/2017/59/KH-1 dated 20/05/2017 with an aim to fulfil the requirement of skilled manpower to Industry, to establish linkage between educational institutions and Industries, and to conduct collaboration with the focus of future quality development in education and industries. As per the above mentioned GR, there will be two tier mechanisms for successful implementation of the objectives of the Council namely: Advisory Body and Executive Council. Hon. Minister of Education is the Chairperson of the Advisory Body and Hon. Principal Secretary (Higher and Technical Education) is the Chairperson of the Executive Committee by virtue of the post.


To develop the student skills, knowledge and growth for the industry.
To develop better research infrastructure base by creating long term partnership among industry, academia and government.


Creating a collaborative environment between industry and academia as well as to improve the entrepreneurial, employability skills and opportunities of students in all stages of higher education To expand the innovation capacity of our nation’s competitive workforce through partnership between industry and academia.


To identify the various avenues through which Universities, Institutes, Students may interact with industries, local firms, businesses and other intermediaries. Encourage, enhance, create avenues and environment for greater involvement of faculty and students with industry.
To promote Student Startup & Innovation Policy for the betterment of the student. Develop specialized continuing education programmes for updating skills and knowledge.